Generation of any combination of substitution from a single base to 54-base stretch (or more) at any target site by single round mutagenesis reaction.
Our basic service starts at $259 for mutagenesis in 18 bp sequnece in a construct smaller than 10 kb  (vector + gene insert < 10 kb).

- For substitution of a target sequnece longer than 54 bp, please contact us for specific price.
- For construct bigger than 10.0 kb, we charge extra manipulation fee of $50 per mutant.
- Discount rate applies to an order more than 5 mutations (from 6 orders).
- If you need mutagenesis at several separate sites, please see multiple-site mutagenesis.


 Basic service
 - 18-base substitution, construct size < 10 kb,
 - 1 ~ 5 order: $259 per mutation
 - 6 ~ 10 order: $246.05 (5% off)
 - More than 10 order: $233.10 (10% off)
 - Turnaround time: typically 10 ~ 15 business days

Alanine scaning

A set of Ala scanning mutants is very useful to define functionally important residues or domains of a protein. An Ala scanning mutagenesis systemically replaces codons which encode amino acids at different positions of a protein to Ala codons. 

Cysteine scanning

Cys scanning mutagenesis can be used to probe whether or not a region of a protein is membrane-spanning, since cysteine interacts with a readily detectable membrane-permeable thiol reagent such as N-ethylmaleimide.