In vitro mutagenesis 


Substitutions in 18 bp or more bases at a target site by a single round reaction

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Insertion of 18 bp or more bases at a target site by a single round reaction

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Deletion of any short or long target seqeunce by a single round reaction

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Generation of chimeric gene by combining several gene fragments

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Mutiple-site mutagenesis

Introduce any kinds of mutations at two or more separate sites simultaneously by a single round reaction

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Random mutagenesis

Construction of mutant library with a high diversity by error-prone PCR or site-specific random mutagenesis (site saturation)

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Gene manipulation

Gene subcloning and synthesis

PCR subcloning of gene of interest in customer's vector with or without tag sequences (6xHis, myc, HA, etc.)

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Customized vector construction

Construction of any complicate vector system according to customer's request

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Starting materials provided by customer

To initiate a project, please provide us,
 1. At least one microgram of plasmid containing target gene
 2. Target gene information:
     - DNA sequence (or GenBank accession no),
     - Subcloning sites in vector,
     - Target sequences for mutations
 3. Vector information: Vector sequence (or commercial name), map and antibiotics resistance
♠ Mutagenex fully understands how important and sensitive the sequence data and other information communicated with our customers are. All materials and information received from customers will be held in the strictest confidence.

♠ To submit your mutagenesis or subcloning project, please contact us or request a quotation on-line. Orders can be placed by e-mail, or by fax with an approved PO or credit cards.

We will perform

 1. Construction of mutagenesis or subcloning strategy. 
 2. Design and synthesis of mutagenic DNA fragments or PCR primers.
 3. Mutagenesis of a target gene and subcloning in a destination vector. 
 4. Sequence verification* to confirm the mutation.
 5. Shipping purified plasmid (mini-prep) along with colony stab culture, DNA sequencing data, alignment result and report.

* The mutations are confirmed by DNA sequencing up to 1.0 kb region encompassing the target mutation at free.  For DNA sequencing of whole gene insert, we will charge $25 per extra 800 bp sequencing  for primer sysnthesis, sequncing reactions, plasmid prep and sequence analysis for at least three selected colonies (optional).