Chimeragenesis is very powerful technique that create a protein with improved or new properties by combining several gene segments originated from different genes. Mutagenex can generate chimeric gene from several gene sources provided by customer regardless of the length of segments and the fusion sites.
Our basic service starts at $380 for generation of a chimera (< 3.0 kb) with a single fusion site in a construct (vector + chimera) smaller than 10.0 kb.

 Basic service  

 - Final chimeric gene size < 3 kb,  construct size < 10 kb,
 - Single-fusion chimera with two gene segments: $380 
 - Double-fusion chimera from three gene segments: $490 
 - 6 ~ 10 order : 5% off per chimeragenesis
 - Turnaround time: typically 10 ~ 15 business days

The price varies depending on the fusion (recombination) number.
To submit your chimeragenesis project, please contact us.